Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Baseball Prospectus Has Red Sox As Wild Card Entrant

Finally, somebody who doesn't think the 2016 Red Sox will win the division, pennant and World Series with consummate ease! Baseball Prospectus (through their quirky PECOTA system) projects that The Carmine Hose will win one of the AL Wild Card slots with 88 wins. Oddly, they project the Tampa Bay Rays as division winners—with the Blue Jays getting the second Wild Card. The Indians project to get the best record in the American League (92 wins), giving them the AL Central title. The Astros win the West with 87 wins. In the Senior Circuit, the Mets, Cubs and Dodgers are division winners according to PECOTA—with the Nationals and Giants as the two Wild Card teams. Don't forget that last year, PECOTA picked the Red Sox to win the AL East with 87 wins.