Friday, January 29, 2016

Total MLB Salaries Will Approach Four Billion In 2016

The next time you start feeling sorry for some major-league baseball player, try to remember this story. According to current estimates, the total payroll of the 30 MLB teams will approach four billion dollars. Tell us again why this group of 'workers' needs a union? Just since this past November, teams have shelled out $2.4 billion in guaranteed money to just 99 free agents. The Dodgers and Evil Ones will have payrolls in excess of $200 million ($235M and $229M, respectively). Your 2016 Carmine Hose will slot in at #3 in overall payroll—with an estimated outlay of $197 million. Just keep rooting for the laundry—not necessarily the spoiled little rich boys who temporarily occupy that laundry.