Thursday, January 21, 2016

Red Sox 'Upgrades From Within' Should Spell Success

The Red Sox made a slew of offseason moves that will almost certainly improve the team's performance in 2016. Chief among these are: David Price, Craig Kimbrel, Carson Smith and Chris Young. But—at least according to August Fagerstrom of—it's improvement among returning members of the team that could bring the biggest boost in performance. In fact, FanGraphs states that Boston—along with the Washington Nationals—will enjoy the largest gains from roster returnees in all of baseball. Leading the pack for the "prodigal" Red Sox is Hanley Ramirez—with an expected extra WAR of +3.9. Not far behind is Pablo Sandoval with a +3.7 WAR increase, Rick Porcello with +1.9 increase, Dustin Pedroia with +0.8 jump and Rusney Castillo with +0.4 increase in WAR. If all of these projections come true, it's easy to see why FanGraphs sees The Carmine Hose coming in with a 92-win season in 2016.