Saturday, January 30, 2016

Red Sox On 'Blue Line' Of 'Baseball Transit Authority'

An imaginative idea by a Colorado baseball fan has resulted in the creation of the Baseball Transit Authority. Tyler Green, who characterizes himself as a "public transit enthusiast" came up with the "subway" concept. Says Green, "I like baseball. I like stadiums. I like maps. I really like transit. The result: the Baseball Transit Authority!" The Red Sox are the northern 'terminus' on the "Baltimore Chop" Blue Line—which directly connects with stops for the Yankees/Mets, Phillies, Nationals/Orioles, Braves, Rays and Marlins. Think of it as the "migration route" of Easterners during the Winter. Other lines are "Backdoor Slider" (yellow), "Warning Tracker" (red), "Short Hopper" (gray), "Seventh-Inning Stretcher" (green), "Mendoza Liner" (orange) and "Four Bagger" (purple). You can read more on the transit map and how the teams are connected HERE.