Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MLB Caves On TV Streaming Case, Will Lower Fan Cost

Just before a landmark anti-trust case was heading to court, Major League Baseball caved in and agreed to settle a fan class-action suit over TV streaming. (see our earlier reporting on this case HERE). MLB announced that it will now offer single-team online streaming through for 23% less than the least expensive existing league-wide streaming options. The new $84.99 cost is a windfall for many fans who did not want to pay 'full boat' for games they didn't care about. Also, soon—and for an additional $10—fans who subscribe to local sports networks like NESN can watch some away team broadcasts that used to be blacked out. If the case had gone to trial— and MLB had lost—it could have revolutionized how fans watch baseball on TV (with teams making regional side deals all over the country).