Friday, January 15, 2016

February 'Détente Dinner' In NYC With Sox And Empire

The Truth
We'll believe this when we see it. The Red Sox and Yankees will hold a so-called "Conversation with Baseball Rival Clubs" on February 11th in Baghdad-by-the-Hudson. Boston's chief honcho Dave Dombrowski will sit down at a table (the shape of which is undoubtedly being negotiated as we speak) with Empire honcho Brian Cashman at a "fund-raising" event that will feature a discussion of "the inner workings of baseball operations". Yeah, right. The event will benefit the foundations of both teams—so that's at least a good thing. It will take place at something called the 'New York Yankees Steakhouse' in mid-town Manhattan. Tickets are $150. We will not be attending (unless we get a free media pass, of course).