Saturday, December 19, 2015

Red Sox Are Hit With Third Highest Luxury Tax For 2015

It's a little misleading, but the Red Sox were slapped with the third highest luxury tax in baseball on Friday—$1.8 million. The reason it's misleading is the top team (the Los Angeles Dodgers) were nailed for $43.6 million and the second place team (The Evil Ones) were taxed at $26.1 million. So, Boston's relative "slap on the wrist" is not really a big deal for billionaire Red Sox/Liverpool/Roush Racing/Boston Globe/NESN owner John Henry. The San Francisco Giants came in fourth on the dubious list with a tax of $1.3 million. This is the first time that four teams have had to pay the tax. Boston is the only one of the four with a losing record. The Dodger fine was the largest in MLB history on their payroll of nearly $300 million. This, despite the fact that The Boys Of Magic Johnson have failed to even reach the World Series in almost thirty years (1988). The World Series Champion Kansas City Royals ranked 13th in payroll last year.