Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NESN Touts 'High-Tech' Toys, Still Has No Super Slo-Mo

In a garbled, confusing puff piece on its own website, NESN bravely announced to the world a "new innovation" (isn't that a tautology?) in video programming. Describing this wonderful new service in language only a Ph.D. in Digital Media could possibly understand, the piece talks about 'multiple LU500 portable transmission units to pilot live “@Home Productions” ' Right, and that benefits viewers how? Unfortunately, the tech-laden text never makes that clear. Maybe this will clarify things, "NESN collaborated with LiveU technicians to develop a system that synchronizes multiple LU500 portable cellular transmission units. The production team at NESN’s control room in Watertown, Massachusetts is able to switch between cameras with no significant latency, eliminating the need for traditional production and transmission methods as well as replacing newer, Internet-based processes. " Uh, no. Still confused. All we know is that NESN is—as far as we can tell—the only regional baseball network without a Super-Slo-Mo capability. But, they do have awesome cooking shows—and whatever the hell LU500 portable cellular transmission units are.