Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jackboot Yankee Security Nearly Jailed Price And Jays

David Price On His Scooter
There are good reasons why former Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino called the Yankees The Evil Empire. One of them is the Storm Trooper-like security at The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street (AKA, the "new" Yankee Stadium). To that point, last season, new Red Sox ace David Price and a few of his then Blue Jay teammates were nearly thrown in jail by the Pinstriped KGB for riding their EcoReco Electric Scooters around the stadium. Apparently, Price had purchased several of the scooters for his buddies to commute to the various stadia in MLB. Ah, but that didn't sit well with the Bronx STASI. AL MVP Josh Donaldson told Boston's WEEI radio that the "Scooter Gang" chose not to push things, "Then the Yankees security tried to tell us they were going to take us to jail if we rode them at the stadium. We were like,'We don't need to go to jail so let's put them away. I'm not going to jail." So, next time you're in Baghdad-By-The-Hudson, use standard vehicular modes of transportation—or wind up in the hoosegow.