Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hanley Ramirez Playing Winter Ball? "Never Mind!"

Emily Litella
Nothing to see here. Move on. After assuring ESPNDeportes that he would be playing winter ball in the Dominican, Hanley Ramirez is "walking back" that statement as a misunderstanding. A shocking misunderstanding as far as the Red Sox were concerned—as they immediately made it clear they knew nothing of these plans. Now, both sides are agreeing that Ramirez will not be suiting up for Licey of the Dominican Winter League, and instead focus on conditioning himself for Spring Training. Ramirez says he only meant that he wished to play winter ball—not that it was a certainty. Yeah, right. As Emily Littela might say, "Never Mind!". Of course, the painful truth is that Dave Dombrowski does not want Hanley getting hurt in December while he's trying to trade him. Stay tuned!