Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dombrowski Suggested Pedey Work On His Quickness

The Muddy Chicken In 2013
One of the advantages of coming into an organization fresh is that you don't worry so much about stepping on toes. Thus, Dave Dombrowski is able to tell Dustin Pedroia to work on his quickness without getting his head handed to him. And, good for him! Everybody who reads this knows we love Pedey—he is our prototypical Red Sox player. But injuries and age have resulted in a loss of quickness—evidenced by drastically reduced zone ratings in 2015. Again, most of this was due to his stubbornly returning from bad injuries too soon. In 2016, there is no doubt that he will return with all the competitive nastiness that we have come to expect from The Muddy Chicken. Bering challenged by Dombrowski can only help.