Monday, December 28, 2015

Boston Red Sox 2016 ZiPS Projections—We Think

We do not pretend to know what ZiPS projections are, but a lot of guys who do understand baseball stats think they're a pretty good measure of how players will perform. We think ZiPS projections are something like WAR values—which we kind of understand—but not really. In fact, these guys might as well be speaking Shyriiwook (the language of Wookies) for all the sense it makes to us. Anyway, the highly esteemed website has laid out the 2016 ZiPS projections for your Boston Red Sox. Not surprisingly, dual 23-year-olds Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts top the list—with "zWAR" values of 5.4 and 3.0, respectively. Dustin Pedroia (2.5), David Ortiz (2.3) and Jackie Bradley, Jr. (2.2) round out the top five position players. Among starting pitchers, David Price leads the way with a "zWAR" value of 4.9, followed by Eduardo Rodriguez at 2.4, Rick Porcello at 2.3, Clay Buchholz at 2.0 and Joe Kelly at 1.3. It all makes sense—in fact, it's exactly what your eyeballs would tell you. Our collective head hurts.