Monday, December 21, 2015

Bill James Projects 5 Sox Starters With 10 Or More Wins

The former security guard at a Kansas Stokely-Van Camp's pork and beans cannery, (Bill James) is out with another of his renowned abstracts. Of course, he has been an actual employee of the Boston Red Sox since 2010, so why anyone reads his stuff with objectivity is beyond us. Anyway, James projects five of six members of Boston's 2016 rotation each getting double-digit wins. At the top, David Price is seen as notching 17 wins, Clay Buchholz gets 10, Eduardo Rodriguez is given 10 wins and Rick Porcello is assessed 10 wins. Only Joe Kelly falls below the double-digit threshold at 7 wins. Somehow, James also thinks the sixth starter, Henry Owens, will also get 10 wins. So, if the Red Sox get 64 wins out of their top six rotation slots (compared with 51 last year), it will be a significant upgrade. But, do you believe Mr. Stokely-Van Camp?