Friday, November 20, 2015

Clemens Would Wear Red Sox Hat Into Hall Of Fame

We're not sure we like this news, but Roger Clemens says—if he were elected to the Baseball Hall Of Fame—he'd go in wearing a Red Sox hat. Clemens clearly had a stellar career in Carmine Hose—including two 20-strikeout games and three Cy Young Awards. Over his entire career, he logged 354 wins and a 3.12 ERA—fanning 4,672 batters. In his "tainted" times for the Blue Jays and Evil Ones, he won the Cy Young four more times. But PED allegations have dogged him since he left town for The Great White North and beyond. Realistically, he probably will never reach Cooperstown. But—if he does—we're not sure we want him wearing our laundry.