Friday, October 16, 2015

Say What? The Red Sox Need Outfielders For 2016?

According to Jason Mastrodonato of The Boston Herald, the 2016 Red Sox will need to beef up their outfield options. HUH? Weren't we up to our necks in outfielders most of 2015? Well, it appears that through injury, inept play, likely trades and general fatigue our outfield depth just ain't there anymore. First, Allen Craig will be history—one way or another. Alejandro De Aza is already history. Hanley Ramirez was a total embarrassment in LF and will be given a shot at 1B next year. And, Rusney Castillo, Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley, Jr., and Brock Holt all showed drop-offs in production toward the end of the year. So, new boss Dave Dombrowski is not committing to anything—beyond Mookie. So, who do we get? Triple A is dry, thus Mastrodonato suggests a few options—one of which is bringing back playoff talisman Jonny Gomes! Holy mackerel!