Thursday, October 1, 2015

McAdam: John Farrell, If Healthy, Will Manage 2016 Sox

(Getty Images)
According to's Sean McAdam, multiple sources indicate that—if he is healthy—John Farrell will be the manager of the Boston Red Sox in 2016. McAdam even asserts that new Red Sox President and CEO Dave Dombrowski told team staff in mid-August that "Farrell's job would be waiting for him next spring". Moreover, according to reports, Farrell was told directly that he would have the job in 2016—pending a clean bill of health. Farrell is completing chemotherapy sessions for stage one lymphoma—and, at the end of this month—should know if he is cancer-free. Last February, Farrell was given a two-year extension that runs through the 2017 season. In our view, the Red Sox are taking the right course of action. If healthy, Farrell deserves a return to the Sox dugout.