Monday, October 5, 2015

Final Dalton Jones Average Rises 14.1 Points In Sept.

Our Dalton Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) seems to be anticipating good things to come in 2016! After a 26.6 point rise in August, the September DJIA rose again—shooting up another 14.1 points. The new Index score stands at 77.9. The rise in the Index was again fueled by jumps in confidence with the team's offense and defense—with starting pitching again getting a boost as well. So, the season ends on two "up notes" in August and September—although (for perspective) the 77.9 score is still well below the normalized 100.0 we set back in the pre-season. FenwayNation offers its readers this monthly reading of "The Mood Of The Nation" through our exclusive Dalton Jones Industrial Average—which 'crunches' all of those raw scores into a single Index Value. Named for the all-time Red Sox pinch-hit leader, the average is a composite index of four key metrics: starting pitchingrelief pitchingtotal offense and total defense. The editors invite readers from around the world to weigh in every month on the state of the team. The Index number—and its fluctuation up or down—has proven, over the years, to be a pretty accurate bellwether of actual team status. See you next year!