Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Was John Henry's Globe Guilty of Orsillo 'Delete-Gate'?

A mini-controversy is swirling around the Red Sox 'house organ'—otherwise known as John Henry's Boston Globe. According to a report on Forbes.com, a Monday on-line column by Dan Shaughnessy referenced a report that Fenway employees were instructed to "confiscate" pro-Don Orsillo signs at the park last night. An hour later, the reference was gone (first noticed by Barstool Sports Jared Carrabis). The 'party line' out of the Mausoleum On Morrissey Boulevard is that the report was pulled because it could not be 'confirmed'. Even Shaughnessy is toeing the line. So, what do you think is the truth? Something about 'Caeser's Wife' comes to mind.