Monday, September 21, 2015

Can The Red Sox Go 9-5 To Reach 80 Wins for 2015?

Your 2015 Carmine Hose have just 14 games left to play. They have 71 wins in their pocket. It would be a nice psychological victory to get to the 80-win plateau—which, while not technically at .500—would separate them from the dismal 2014 (71 wins) and 2012 (69 wins) teams. Just getting into the "eighties" would be huge. So, what are the chances? Boston would have to win at a .642 clip to get those nine precious wins. Seven of the games are at home—so that's a good start. Seven are against the two division rivals just ahead of them in the standings (Tampa and Baltimore). Winning both of those series would likely allow them to finish third in the AL East—right behind The Bronx Embalmers. Speaking of The Pinstriped Posers, four of the final thirteen games are against them at The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street. How sweet would it be for the Sox to insure them a second place finish—and a one-game Wild Card playoff elimination? Our season ends with three games against old friend Tito Francona and The Tribe—at The Mistake On The Lake. They really have nothing to play for. So, conceivably, Boston could sweep Cleveland (3 wins), take two from both Tampa and Baltimore (4 wins) and split with The Evil Empire in the Bronx (2 wins). That gets us to nine—just enough to hold our head a little higher with 80 wins.