Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our Top Five "Suggestions" For Dave Dombrowski

Not that we've been asked or anything, but we're going to give some free advice to Dave Dombrowski anyway. Here are the top five suggestions for the new Red Sox President of Baseball Operations (in no particular order):

1.) Get A True Number One Starting Pitcher. Back in Spring Training, almost everybody (except Ben Cherington) realized that our 2015 rotation was no better than 'five number threes'. It was so obvious, it became a cliché. Well, guess what? Everybody was right. Dombrowski needs to either trade for or sign a true ace for the top of the rotation—which might involve dealing away one of the current starters (Wade Miley?) and/or a prospect (Henry Owens?). We cannot face Opening Day 2016 with an un-intimidating starter on the mound;

2.) Hire A GM Who Doesn't Mind Being "Diminished". In today's baseball, general managers are proving less important than chiefs of baseball operations. That's how it should be here. Dombrowski should be given total strategic control over the franchise and the new GM should have only tactical oversight;

3.) Figure Out First Base. We either have to commit to Travis Shaw, someone else in the organization or bite the bullet and trade for or sign a premier first-sacker (Chris Davis?, Joey Votto?);

4.) Sort Out The OF Log-Jam. Somebody has got to go. Dombrowski needs to do a hard evaluation of the bevy of outfield options before the Red Sox. He may decide to deal away a prized prospect (Mookie Betts?, Jackie Bradley, Jr.?), or try to convince another team that Hanley Ramirez can be their DH. Our preference would be a 2016 OF of:  Rusney Castillo, Bradley, Jr. and Betts. But, if one of these has to go to get back top value, so be it. We would also covet Yoan Moncada as the next up for the OF;

5.) Fix The Bullpen. This one might be the toughest for Dombrowski—since it was his annual Achilles Heel with the Tigers. Maybe because of that, he needs to radically reform the Boston relief corps—from top to bottom.