Sunday, August 2, 2015

Larry Lucchino to Step Down As Red Sox CEO

Thanks to The Boston Herald (the lone newspaper in town not in the hip pocket of John Henry) we learn that Larry Lucchino will leave his post as President and CEO of the Red Sox at the end of this year. Lucchino's tenure has been a stormy and—at times—controversial one. He was widely perceived to be the Darth Vader to Theo Epstein's Luke Skywalker—an edgy relationship that ultimately ended in Theo's flight to The Windy City. But Lucchino also brought his keen baseball mind to the over-arching path of the franchise. And, on balance, you have to say his stewardship was a success. Three World Championships since the NOG interloped their way to Beantown. Not bad. And—while we think they should have built a new replicate Fenway—their upgrades to the old girl have been superb. Most of that was Larry's doing. We will never know if Lucchnio pushed the 2006 trade that got us Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell (at the expense of Hanley Ramirez)—against the wishes of a gorilla-suited Theo. But, how did that work out for us? Pretty darned good, I'd say. So, as Larry goes off to build yet another new stadium (unfortunately in Providence not Boston), we should regard his tenure as a definite plus.