Monday, August 10, 2015

Koji Uehara Out For The Season With Broken Right Wrist

(AP Photo)
Well, it wasn't a minor bone bruise—that's for sure. Koji Uehara suffered a broken wrist after being struck by a ball hit by Ian Kinsler on Friday. Uehara recovered and threw Kinsler out to end the game. The closer is out for the season. After x-rays were read as "negative" and a subsequent MRI was apparently inconclusive, the crack Red Sox medical staff finally figured out today that the wrist was broken. It seems like Boston players would be better off stopping off on the way home at a CVS Minute Clinic rather than trust the team's doctors. This is apparently just another in a long line of botched medical procedures and evaluations by team doctors. Isn't Boston the center of the medical universe? Well, maybe organic kale and soccer are more important to the NOG.