Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Don't Look Now, Ortiz Could Reach 500 HRs This Year

(USAToday Sports)
As Scott Lauber of The Boston Herald points out, all of a sudden, David Ortiz has a shot at reaching 500 career home runs this season. He's got 23 HRs right now and is on pace for 10 more—one shy of what he needs to go from his current 489 to 500. Where the heck did that come from? Not long ago, we were lamenting the fact that the Red Sox DH wouldn't hit his typical 30 HRs. Can he do it? Well, he's got 50 games left, and (realistically) he'll probably only play about 45 of those. So, he needs to average one home run about every four games. Not that outrageous, frankly, the way he's swinging the lumber right now. Stay tuned for what could be the most exciting Red Sox achievement of 2015.