Monday, August 24, 2015

Cueto Taking Heat In KC For Positive Boston Comments

Johnny Cueto
While the Royals were in town,'s Rob Bradford cornered soon-to-be-free-agent Johnny Cueto about the likelihood that he'd land at the top of the Boston rotation next year. At the time of the encounter, Cueto was schmoozing with fellow Dominican Hanley Ramirez—who did the translation duties. While Cueto's responses were quite positive about the possibility of donning Carmine Hose, it wasn't exactly a commitment to buy a condo in Brookline. Nevertheless, the Kansas City media has its spare ribs in a bunch over the matter (sorry, ribs are the only stereotypical Kansas City thing I could think of—any other suggestions are welcome). Said Kansas City's FANSIDED blogger John Viril, "On one hand, I’d like to think Johnny Cueto‘s statements are a whole lot of nothing. A Boston-area reporter asked him leading questions, and it’s a normal human impulse to please the crowd. Certainly, a pending free agent doesn’t want to say anything BAD about a potential suitor—especially when the team in question is a big market club that could drive your price up if they go hard after you.  Even so, Johnny Cueto went a little farther than politeness required on Friday." Probably true—but still blown out of proportion.