Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another Red Sox Win Could Make AL East Fun

With last night's Red Sox win over The Bronx Embalmers, the American League East race tightened up considerably. The surging Blue Jays (the clear winners of the trade deadline sweepstakes) moved to within 4.5 games of The Pinstriped Posers with their 9-7 win over the Twinkies at SkyDome (the true name of the 'Rogers Centre'). Both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnación seem energized by the addition of Troy Tulowitzki at the top of the lineup. Bautista had four RBIs yesterday along with his 24th HR. Josh Donaldson (their #2 hitter) got his 29th HR and Encarnación chipped in with his 20th. These guys are scary—and along with David Price's addition to their rotation—are set to make a run at The Evil Ones. One more Sox win tonight and things could get real interesting.