Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An August Deal Swapping Panda For Shields?

Panda (L), Shields (R)—(Getty Images)
Dave Cameron of FanGraphs.com offers up an interesting August trade idea—pretty much along the lines we suggested earlier today. Cameron points out that Boston and San Diego were negotiating some sort of 'block-buster' deal at the July deadline (likely with the Cubs as a third party), and thus might be tempted to re-visit things in August. His specific idea is intriguing—essentially sending Pablo Sandoval west for James Shields. Both have performed below expectations this year (Sandoval much more so than Shields) and their remaining salaries are roughly equivalent. To make the deal fairer, the Red Sox would need to include some of their second-tier prospects—like SS Deven Marrero and the still-fascinating Jackie Bradley, Jr.. The Padres get a more-than-serviceable third baseman (something they haven't had in years), a defensive shortstop (lacking in their system) and a potential Gold Glove center-fielder (definitely lacking on their roster). The Red Sox get the starting pitching stud they so desperately need, and they unload an ugly contract that could allow them to move Hanley Ramirez to third base. A few 'tweaks' here and there and this could be a great deal for both teams. Let's do it!