Monday, July 20, 2015

Red Sox Fan Base Is Ranked Strongest In MLB

Top Ten Fan Ranking By
According to a study by, the Red Sox fan base is the "strongest" in Major League Baseball. The ticket company compiled a series of metrics to determine which group of fans were the "most engaged" in all of baseball. The metrics covered were: average attendance for 2014 (as a percentage of stadium capacity); average ticket price on the secondary market (driven by demand) for the 2014 regular season; annual team revenue for 2014 (as provided by Forbes); total number of Twitter followers as a percentage of the metro area population; and total number of Facebook fans as a percentage of the metro area population. Based on this methodology, Red Sox fans topped the list with a perfect score of 100.0, followed distantly by Giants fans at 86.56. The Cardinals fan base came in third at 85.15, with Brewers fans (79.09) and Tigers fans (74.99) rounding out the Top 5. Way down the list at #10 were the front-running fans of The Evil Empire (a paltry score of 63.85).