Friday, July 24, 2015

Hanley Ramirez's Defense: It's Still Wicked Bad

Hanley At Work
Thanks to Matthew Kory of the authoritative, we can definitively state that Hanley Ramirez's defense in left field is still awful. It's not just the "eyeball test", either. Hanley's UZR rating so far this season is -15.2. He's making Manny's left-field play look positively Jackie Bradley, Jr.-like. As Kory succinctly puts it, "Ramirez has done as much damage to the Red Sox in left field as the second-worst left fielder and fourth-worst left fielder combined." Oooh, that's really bad. The article concludes that Hanley is bad at defense period—no matter where he plays in the field. Let's face it, folks: The man was made to DH.