Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Billy Rohr Nearly Had Own Impossible Dream

It's truly hard to believe, but Billy Rohr turns 70 years old today. The lefty started only eight ballgames for the Boston Red Sox—but, one of them was almost historic. A 21-year old Rohr hurled a near no-hitter on April 14, 1967 at Yankee Stadium. And, all he had to do was get one more strike on soon-to-be Carmine Hoser Elston Howard. Instead, Howard lofted a dying quail to right-center that landed for a single. Of course, he got the next guy, and the 3-0 one-hit shutout was his. Ah, what could have been! The game was also memorable for the great catch by Carl Yastrzemski that (at the time) preserved the no-hitter, and the fact that the kid had to face off against Hall of Famer Whitey Ford. Rohr's three-year career, however, saw him post a 5.64 ERA and a 3-3 record. Still, he was an early inspiration in the Impossible Dream year that gave the Red Sox their first pennant in 21 years. Happy birthday, Billy!