Monday, July 20, 2015

After Today, Just 69 2015 Games Left To Play

How big is today's double-header with the Angels? Well, truthfully, it probably doesn't matter a whole lot. Your 2015 Carmine Hose are pretty much out of post-season contention (four teams ahead of them for the Division, nine ahead of them for the Wild Card). And, after today's two games, there will only be 69 left on the schedule. Even if they win both, they'd be on pace for 77 total wins—hardly the mark of a champion. If they lose both, they're on pace for 73 wins—an even worse fate. Yeah, yeah, there's always the chance that they go on a "Morgan Magic" kind of run—but do you really expect that from this squad? So, again, enjoy the kids (including today's first game starter Eduardo Rodriguez) and hope that Ben Cherington doesn't deal away the future over the next 12 days.