Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Rant On The Red Sox By An FN Board Member

Bill Collins Of ChefBill.com
by Bill Collins, FN Board Member

As I procrastinate from real work, I just want to ask the obvious question: how can the Sox not hit any major league pitching? Are they just unlucky to be seeing every ace in the league, every day? Obviously not. In theory. I mean, I know there’s bad. But how can they be “this bad?” And I don’t even know what to say about the pitching. Weren’t there articles last week about E-Rod being the ace? I’m just stumped at the complete and utter failure at all levels of the game. If I let even one of my deliverables slide, I’d be out of business. But they’re firing on no cylinders. I just don’t get how this even happens. I don’t care whether or not 2013 was a fluke. It was an awesome year. But one awesome year, plus three (four or more?) very bad ones?— I just don’t get it. The difference between winning it all and not winning it all should not be just being awful. When the Patriots don’t win the Super Bowl, they don’t go 4-12. They’re competitive each year, and (mostly) each game. As professionals, you’d think the Sox would at least try to look (or for radio, sound) like they’re trying to succeed every day. Oy. That’s all for now. Check out Bill's business site at ChefBill.com.