Friday, June 19, 2015

Top 10 Reasons To Keep Watching The Red Sox

#10. To find out the identity of NESN's new sponsor for "Catcher Visits To The Mound";

#9.   To keep track of how many times Don & Jerry compliment their director "in the truck";

#8.   To see if NESN finally begins using a 21st century Slo-Mo technology;

#7.   To monitor the latest fashion trends via frequent Joseph Aboud sightings at Fenway;

#6.   One word: Wally;

#5.   To see whether NESN finally settles on one successor to Jenny Dell;

#4.   To mark the precise date when the sappy "Everything Is Awesome!" TV spots stop running;

#3.   To make sure you don't miss the latest "Mad Fisherman" promos;

#2.    To ensure you catch all of Alex Speier's insightful, yet somehow inscrutable, trivia;

And the number one reason to keep watching the Red Sox:

#1.    To make sure you see every damn Brock Holt at-bat.