Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sox Face Watershed Game Tonight In Canada

It might seem a little silly to put so much emphasis on Game #79 in a 162-game season. But tonight, the Red Sox have a chance to show their competitors in the AL East that they have not given up just yet. The Carmine Hose have won two in a row. More importantly, they've taken eight of their last thirteen games—a .615 winning percentage that far outshines their 2015 norm (.449). Tonight, they have 22-year-old Eduardo Rodriguez on the mound and—despite a few recent bumps in his rookie road—he is still an impressive young hurler, poised beyond his years. He can do this. A win could move them within six games of the AL East lead, a loss could push them eight back and put them again on the 'treadmill to oblivion'. So, it's a big game tonight. As big as they've played all year.