Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Red Sox On Pace For Fewest Wins Since LBJ

Lyndon Baines Johnson was President. 'The Andy Griffith Show' and 'The Twilight Zone' were among the nation's favorite television fare. And the Red Sox won 62 games. The year was 1965—50 years ago. And now, the 2015 edition of The Carmine Hose are poised to get the fewest wins (in a non-strike year) since those days of yore—or should we say those 'Days Of Our Lives'? As they sit today, Boston in on pace for 67 wins—one of the worst seasons in team history. And yet, the ownership regime and many in the mainstream "beat" media are still singing a happy tune. Not only does the Emperor have no clothes—he's out of shape as well.