Friday, June 12, 2015

Petulant Wade Miley Hands O's 6-5 Victory

(Getty Images)
He confronted manager John Farrell in the dugout, but—unfortunately—Wade Miley didn't have the same combative attitude against Oriole hitters in a 6-5 Red Sox loss. Upon realizing that Farrell was about to yank him after four crappy innings, Miley visibly confronted the manager before storming into the clubhouse. Farrell's 'mamby-pamby' reaction in the post-game interviews is truly troubling. This was a chance for Farrell to grab the reins of a team that is spiraling into chaos—instead he said he "respected" Miley's "competitiveness". Bad managing. No biscuit. The game itself was another frustrating game of "get-one, give-one-up", as Boston never led. Pablo Sandoval showed some signs of life with two hits and two RBIs, and Hanley Ramirez knocked in two. David Ortiz also hit his 7th HR of the year—but this was just another stinker in a long line of 2015 stinkers.