Thursday, June 11, 2015

Larry Lucchino Says: "Don't Panic", Sox Fans

Larry Lucchino has always had a way with words—maybe it's the lawyer in him. Today (appearing on WEEI's Dennis And Callahan Morning Show) he waxed poetic about the 2015 Red Sox season. In evaluating various aspects of the team (like some of the questionable long-term contracts) Larry said, "It's a motion picture, it's not a quick snapshot that we should be using". Ah, yes, grasshopper! And should fans be lining up on the Zakim Bridge for a plunge into the abyss? Larry's take: "I think it’s a little early still to panic". Hey, the season is "only" 37% done—and they're on pace to win 73 whole ballgames! Thanks for the reality check, Larry!