Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Globe Empire Fires Last Entertaining Writer

Bill Speros
Basically, there are only two reasons to visit Boston.com: 1.) to luxuriate in the wit and wisdom of Bill Speros—AKA the "Obnoxious Boston Fan", and 2.) to avoid paying John Henry for the 'privilege' of reading the exact same content on BostonGlobe.com. Now one of those reasons is gone, as the site fired Speros on Monday. Ironically, yesterday afternoon (before we knew of the firing) we gave Speros our "Best Web Columnist" award for 2015. Boston.com's move is so characteristic of 'The Globe Empire'—full of itself and clueless about what readers really want. Speros offered an intelligent—sometimes caustic—look at the local and national sports scenes. He was never boring—unlike most of the product emanating from the bunker on Morrissey Boulevard. Speros is certain to land somewhere better very soon. We can't wait to read him again.