Thursday, June 18, 2015

First It Was Chicken And Beer, Now Instagram

In 2011, several Red Sox players were linked to a "Chicken And Beer" culture that came to symbolize the "off-the-rails" course of that team. Now, we've moved on to cyber distractions. Boston third baseman Pablo Sandoval has been benched for tonight's game for "liking" two photos on Instagram during last night's 5-2 loss to the Braves. Supposedly, The Panda was in the bathroom when he checked his phone and punched the little heart icons for two pictures on his Instagram page. Said Sandoval before today's game, "I made a mistake yesterday and I learned from that. I apologized to the manager, my teammates, the fans. This is something I punched the button at the wrong time. I'll learn from it." We guess he should stop 'pander'-ing to his baser instincts.