Monday, June 29, 2015

All-Star Home Run Derby Gets All-New Format

New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is nothing if not bold—a far cry from his predecessor's decades-long inertia. A good example of this is the completely new (and better) rules for the Home Run Derby in this year's All-Star Game. The biggest change is that the rounds will be on a "time" limit—not an "outs" limit. Each batter will get five minutes to knock out as many HRs as he can—with non-HR's and swinging misses not counting against anything but the time allotment. Brilliant! Moreover, if you happen to hit two HRs more than 420 feet—you get a whole extra minute. Also, the clock will stop for any HR hit in the final minute of each round. Another good new feature is the seeding—which is based on actual HR totals as of July 7th. Amazing! Head-to-head ties will get a 90-second "Swing-Off"—with no clock stoppage. We love it all! Way to go, Manfred!