Sunday, May 31, 2015

Red Sox End Month Of May With Walk-Off Loss

(AP Photo)
The month of May could end up being the cruelest one for the Red Sox. They've finished up the month seven games under .500 with a brutal 4-3 walk-off loss that is tinged with some controversy. Up by one run in the ninth, John Farrell decided to walk Prince Fielder (the best hitter in the AL) to get to a pinch-hitting Josh Hamilton (the returning Prodigal Son). Of course, Hamilton doubled into the gap scoring two runs and handing Koji Uehara a blown save and a loss. This, after Joe Kelly had pitched barely well enough to get a stay of execution—albeit with a shaky five innings. On top of everything else, Boston's defense has begun to unravel—as they committed three errors today. Good riddance, May.