Saturday, May 23, 2015

Red Sox Succumb To A Heavenly Pounding

(AP Photo)
Rick Porcello was getting along just swimmingly. Through three innings, he was "dealing" with good stuff and his team up, 1-0. Then, he went to the deep end of the pool—or should we say the deep end of the Pujols (Albert Pujols, that is). The veteran slugger led off the fourth by lining a hanging slider into the Monster Seats and the Red Sox lead was gone. Another run in the fourth put Boston behind. The Red Sox gave the lead back to Porcello (3-2) on a two-run Brock Holt double—but the die had been cast. In the dreaded fifth inning, nine runs scored—and by its end, Porcello was showered and out of the ballpark. The Red Sox made a limp attempt at a "comeback", but this game was over after that Pujoils at-bat. Final—12-5 Halos. Are the Revolution still playing?