Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sox Are Not Frequent 'Long Game' Participants

Despite the recent 19-inning marathon, the Red Sox have not historically been involved in Major League Baseball's longest games. In fact, this recent foray into middle-of-the-night baseball only placed them in 9th position (6 hours, 49 minutes) on the All-Time Longest Games List. Amazingly, all those past Yankee-Red Sox fiascoes never even bumped them into the Top 10 before now. Four of the ten games on the All-Time list have been played in the last six years—which makes us appreciate all the more Commissioner Rob Manfred's Pace of Play mandates. By the way, the longest game ever was played on May 8, 1984—a 25-inning contest between the White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers. It took eight hours and six minutes.