Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rick Porcello On Why He's Staying In Boston

Rick Porcello (Via Facebook)
Say what you will about Derek Jeter, but his most enduring off-field legacy may be the creation of The Players' Tribune. The website offers athletes an un-filtered forum to communicate directly to the fans—a brilliant, long overdue idea. New Red Sox starter Rick Porcello has written a poignant, intelligent piece in the Tribune explaining why he decided to sign a contract extension with Boston. He details an organization-wide commitment to winning—that is exemplified in everything from detailed scouting reports to the support of ownership. When Porcello arrives early one Spring Training morning, he is met by Brian Butterfield, the Maniacal Mainer, who (by 8:30 AM) had already been reviewing video and gulping coffee for hours. This is an example of why we will have Porcello around for the next five years.