Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Red Sox Sentenced To Series At Tropicana Field

The Luxurious MostPulpDome
The Red Sox head down to Tampa to face the "Franchise Most Likely To Get Moved" at the MostPulpDome. To give you an idea of how unworthy Tampa fans are, just 15,752 of them turned out on Friday night to see the Yankees—a team that trains in the area during the Spring and is the home-base of The Steinbrenner Brood. That translates to 46.2% of capacity in the monstrosity they call a stadium. Moreover, I'm told that driving to the joint is a total nightmare from anywhere in the region. Why are the Rays still there? Can't someone offer a better deal, a new stadium, actual fans? How about Nashville? Louisville? Charlotte? Las Vegas? Salt Lake? 'Left-Coast' Portland? Heck, even Montreal could do better! Anyway, get ready for mini-crowds, stupid catwalk tricks and AstroTurf™. Yeesh!