Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Red Sox Hurlers 'Pitch To Contact' For 17 Hits

(AP Photo)
When Toronto reliever Marco Estrada entered last night's 11-8 Blue Jays win, the highly inventive Fenway sound people played the theme to "CHiPs". Apparently, Estrada took that as motivation—he went on to hurl three scoreless innings. But this game was all about Red Sox pitching—or lack thereof. Once again, Clay Buchholz was abysmal, going just 2 2/3 innings and yielding five runs (four earned) and coughing up six hits and a walk. The over-taxed bullpen was no better—going 6 1/3 innings while serving up six earned runs. The re-vamped offense gave the team eight runs—more than enough to win any home game at Fenway. Pablo Sandoval was 4-5 with two doubles and Hanley Ramirez clocked his 9th HR—but it was all for naught.