Sunday, April 26, 2015

O's "Demonstrate" Inadequacy Of Sox Pitching

(AP Photo)
Amid a "lock-down" of Camden Yards due to nearby protest demonstrations, The Orioles took advantage of crap Red Sox pitching to gain a 5-4 comeback win over Boston. This time it was "reliable" Koji Ueara who could not hold  4-3 advantage in the 9th—delivered by a Xander Bogaerts solo HR in the top half of the inning. Boston had trailed 2-0 early, comeback to tie it, lost the lead and tied it again, gained the lead and ultimately blew that. Not exactly the makings of championship team. Mike Napoli clouted hist fist HR of the year in the loss (a 2-run foul pole shot to right), and Justin Masterson pitched "OK" through seven innings (3 earned runs). New call-up Matt Barnes did well (2 shutout innings), but something drastic needs to get done to revamp this pitching staff.