Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Now, Fenway Park Has The Priciest MLB Beer!

You gotta love being a Red Sox fan in 2015. We have the highest secondary-market ticket prices, the highest Fan Cost Index for a family of four, and now—the most expensive beer in baseball! According to, a "small draft beer" at Fenway Park will set you back a whopping $7.75—tied with Wrigley Field and Citizens Bank Park for the highest in MLB! But wait, it gets better. When you drill down into the hops-stained data, you discover that the $7.75 Fenway Beer is just 12 ounces—while Cubbie fans get 16 ounces for their $7.75 and Philly fans get 21 ounces for the same price. So, by far, we have the most outrageously over-priced beer in baseball. Lovely!