Friday, April 24, 2015

Lucchino May Become New 2024 Olympics Guru

Maybe all the rumors about Larry Lucchino being on the "outs" with others in Red Sox ownership are true. The team's house organ (The Boston Globe) is reporting that Lucchino may become the 'face' of Boston's 2024 Summer Olympics bid. The bumbling and hugely unpopular efforts by the front group (Boston 2024) have resulted in calls for new leadership. Lucchino would bring a highly visible and experienced spokesperson to the effort. He has rich experience bringing new, invigorating venues to second-tier towns like Baltimore (Camden Yards) and San Diego (PETCO Park). Considering the global competition for the 2024 games (Rome, Hamburg, Paris), Boston could be considered second-tier on this score. Part of Lucchino's job, of course, would be to punch up Boston's 'world-class' image—although recent experiences with the "T" and past epic debacles like 'The Big Dig' hardly suggest we could handle an international event. Oh, did we mention traffic? Good luck, Larry!