Monday, April 6, 2015

Fenway's 'Fan Cost Index' Highest In All Of MLB

Before you get ready to saunter into Fenway Park starting next Monday, you better dip into your 401k. According to's 2015 MLB Fan Cost Index (FCI), Red Sox fans are the most put-upon in baseball—financially, anyway. The average cost for a family of four to attend one game at America's Most Beloved Ballpark is a whopping $350.86. That's the highest cost in all of Major League Baseball. The FCI includes: four non-premium season tickets, two beers, four soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking and two adult-size hats. A jaunt into the always charming Bronx to see The Evil Ones play comes in second with an FCI of $337.20. The amazing thing about both clubs is neither one raised prices from 2014! So, what will it be: one trip to the ballpark to see Wade Miley get creamed by the Tampa Bay Rays, or a car payment? You decide.