Friday, April 3, 2015

Buchholz Responds To Schilling's Comments

Schilling (L); Buchholz (R)
Red Sox great Curt Schilling made the following comments about Clay Buchholz the other day, "I think there’s a level of commitment mentally and physically you have to have. You have to have a little bit of a dark side, I think, in the sense that losing has to hurt so bad that you do whatever you can do to make sure it never happens again. Clay is just kind of, ‘Hey, I’m going to pitch today.’" Essentially, Schilling was re-stating an earlier criticism: that he wasn't sure Buchholz wanted to be an ace. Yesterday, Buchholz responded, "I wouldn’t say that I’m a really pleasant person to be around after I have a bad start. So if that’s what he’s saying about the whole ‘dark side’ thing, I want to do as good as anybody whenever I’m out there. But everybody can have their own opinion. That’s fine with me. He could always come to me and talk to me about that stuff rather than broadcast it, too." Hmm. This could get interesting.